With Osborne & Co returning back on site at Chester Road, Kelsall, it sure does feel good to be back with the drainage system now being installed.

Now the drainage system is in place, it’s most important feature is to collect and carry away any used water. The water drainage will collect all water from around each of the 10 properties built on this new build development, which will include collecting rainwater from gutters and the driveway. Since the water is not contaminated, this particular type of water is not considered harmful so can be diverted to a soakaway, a river or a stream.

The new Chester Road, Kelsall housing development consists of x8 4-bedroom detached houses which will also include a pair of affordable homes to complete the 10 house development. Each of these houses will be developed in 3 different styles.

For further information on this development, please take a look at our Chester Road, Kelsall development. If you still have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and submit an enquiry, where a member of the team will respond as quickly as possible.