As the finishing touches are being applied to plots 1&2, we have further progress to report on our Chester Road, Kelsall new-build housing development.

With the project consisting of 10 properties, x8 4-bedroom properties along with a couple of affordable homes, the roof trusses are now being implemented on plots 3&4. A timber roof truss is a structural framework of timbers designed to bridge the space above a room. This will provide additional support to the roof which also combine the joist, rafter and struts of the roof.

In a further update, work has also begun on plot 5 as Osborne & Co have now implemented the footings. The footing foundations are one of the most crucial stages of any new house building project. Also known as a type of shallow foundation, the footings will prevent the subsoil from spreading and will avoid any unequal settlement of the house structure.

If you would like any further information including floorplans, please visit our Chester Road, Kelsall new-build housing development portfolio. For all other enquries, please contact Osborne & Co.