Having surpassed the design stages, the Chester Road, Kelsall development project is now off the ground as Osborne & Co start to lay the foundation.

As you can see, the base of the project is now starting to take shape. Laying the foundation is a crucial step in the process of any new-build development as the foundation supports the weight of the overall structure, provides a flat and level base and most importantly separates any wood-based materials from contact with the ground, which stops any rot or termite infestation.

Stay posted to see further progress made on our Chester, Road Kelsall Development. The development consists of 8 four-bedroom houses with an additional pair of affordable homes totalling up to 10 houses, all of which be finished in three different styles. Please view our Chester Road, Kelsall Development for more information and floorplans.

For further information or for all new-build enquiries, please contact Osborne & Co and we will be happy to assist you on any of our new build development projects.